Craft Explore new frontiers in documentary with emerging opportunities across screens, spaces and galleries.

Amid climate catastrophe, mass displacement of people and deep political divisions, documentary has an increasingly important role in speaking truth to power and bearing witness. However, crafting documentary as it shape-shifts into new forms across galleries, online spaces, and installations can present new opportunities for makers and audiences. It is here that documentary can expand its potential to instil wonder, forge connections with each other and the natural world, interrogate our assumptions, and help us to understand our place in the world through the creative treatment of actuality.

Led by ACMI’s Director of Film, Kristy Matheson, this session sheds light on the creative processes of working beyond the conventional form. Award-winning practitioners discuss their craft through a deep dive into documentary as an art form through the VR installation work of Marshmallow Laser Feast’s Robin McNicholas and evolving screen and gallery spaces with moving image producer and curator, Bridget Ikin.


[Image 1: Angelica Mesiti, Citizens Band 2012 (Still) Photo: Bonnie Elliott. Courtesy the Artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery]