The Invisible Crime

Screenings & Talks The Invisible Crime presents a candid discussion on the complexities of prosecuting sexual crime and the importance of consent education, with a panel led by journalist Nicole Precel (The Age), winner of Raw Data, Real Stories 2019.

The Invisible Crime: Are We Failing Victims of Sexual Violence? is an award-winning multimedia interactive documentary made in 2019 by a team of investigative and data journalists from The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. The documentary explores why sexual assault is under-reported and examines the myriad barriers to successful prosecutions against assailants. It provides data-driven context on how and why the legal system so often fails to deliver justice to victims.

In this conversation, hosted by The Age journalist Nicole Precel, we’ll pick up where the documentary left off, discussing the fundamental principles that underpin our criminal law and how sexual-assault victims are disadvantaged by the onus of proof. We’ll also take a hard look at the concept of consent and examine how social attitudes towards it are changing as well as how legal definitions of consent vary between states and territories, and how we can get better at teaching, and defining, consent in our everyday lives.

Entry for this talk is free however AIDC delegates need to reserve their spot online here.