Going North! Meet the US and Canadian Decision Makers

Hear from key US and Canadian decision makers and find out how to negotiate the North American market

The North American market holds a wealth of opportunity for Australian content producers and continues to be a major priority to have their films seen and distributed. So how do you get a piece of the pie?

Join us for this industry roundtable session, as we talk to representatives from the leading festivals (Sundance), funds (Hot Docs), broadcasters (POV), and sales agents (Cargo Film Releasing) to get insider intel on how to break through and negotiate the North American market, what they are looking for in Australian projects, and most importantly, how to work with them!

Speakers: Nicky Cook (USA, PBS / POV), Julian Carrington (Canada, Hot Docs), Daniel Cantagallo (USA, Cargo Film Releasing), TBA (Sundance, USA)

Moderator: Lauren Valmadre (AIDC)

Click here for full details on all of the industry experts participating in REGIONALITY CAIRNS.


Image Credit: Unapologetic, courtesy of POV/PBS. Photographer: Christine Irvine, 2021


  • Date & Time

    11:45 – 12:45, Friday 2 September 2022

  • Venue

    CPAC Studio