[Censored] with live score by The End

Screening By de-contextualising and re-contextualising censored clips, Sari Braithwaite’s thought provoking visual essay unpacks the complexity of censorship

After being granted access to an archive of clips cut from films by Australian censors, filmmaker and archivist Sari Braithwaite took a personal and intellectual trip through our national history of cinematic taboos.

The End is an eight-piece ensemble featuring some of Melbourne’s finest up-and-coming jazz talent formed by Tim Willis and including Jack Beeche, Ron Romero, Brae Grimes, Samuel Young and Gareth Hill.What she found was that when stripped of their original context, these cutting-room floor clips tell us more about the society that never had the chance to see them, than about the censoring body itself. Made up entirely of fragments of film pieced together, Braithwaite’s visual essay documents her own shifting attitudes toward censorship.

After premiering at the Sydney Film Festival in 2018, [Censored] screened around the world, picking up the Gold Hugo award for Best Documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival.

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