Kath Earle (AUS)
Head of Regional, Local, Sport & Events

As ABC’s Head of Regional, Local, Sport and Events, Kath is responsible for ABC’s Regional and Local screen output including documentaries, returning series and events.

An experienced TV executive, Kath has commissioned and produced hundreds of hours of content over her career across multiple genres including Events, Entertainment, Arts, Factual and Comedy. She is looking for content about people, places and communities that contribute to a sense of national identity. Ideas which connect audiences through the use of multiple platforms for maximum reach and impact are a priority.


Currently looking for:

Content about people, places and communities. ABC Regional and Local develops and commissions programming for ABC main channel and digital platforms with the goal of connecting local communities through storytelling, events, and conversations. We seek to champion Australian stories and experiences, and provide a uniquely local perspective. We are looking for specials, series, and occasionally singles that showcase topics that are important to everyday Australians and celebrate the people and places that reflect the diversity of our country.