Revolution or Evolution?

VR, Games and the Future of Documentary
VR Plus Keynote

Presented by Film Victoria

For a revolution to take place, radical change will be driven by a mobilised group of dreamers. Shaking up the status quo, these change-makers seek to destabilise the major players to bring freedom, innovation and opportunity to the masses. So it comes as no surprise, in the context of the documentary landscape, that emerging immersive technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and games are being touted as a “Technological Revolution” – keeping us on our toes, hedging our bets, and wondering, “what’s next?” 

Yet, like all revolutions, the very freedom they bring can open a Pandora’s Box of unforeseen problems - raising previously unidentified ethical questions and concerns around the consolidation of new power structures. Sometimes, the revolution becomes evolution, reinforcing and reifying what it sought to destroy. 

In making his award-winning documentary game 1979 Revolution, released this year, filmmaker and developer Navid Khonsari uses the Iranian revolution as a test-case for his own creative practice – and the results have been overwhelming – raising more questions than answers in a time of change. 

How can documentary co-exist and collaborate with alternative platforms? Can VR break into the mainstream? And who will really be in control? In this special keynote address, Navid considers some of the questions on the horizon, to get us thinking about which revolution we want to see and how we can make it happen.

13:00-14:00 Sunday 5 March Cinema 1, ACMI


Navid Khonsari (iNK Stories)


Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie (Games We Play)