One Film to Save the World?

Exploring the Ecology of Impact

Filmmakers, their funders, sales agencies, PR firms, and festivals are all increasingly invested in knowing how exactly films can make social change - that is, "impact," for short.

This is a unique moment as the sector is still in the early stages of defining itself, its terms, language, best practice, expectations and how it understands change and success.

But how shall we measure impact, and who should do it? How can we make impact align with our goals, rather than having neoliberal and market values dominate?

What do we do when projects don't have the impact we sought? Funders only want the good news, but the field only grows when we learn from experience. How do we leverage our short term gains to make long term change?

When are our "impact media" projects over - when the film is done, when the change happens, or when our communities take over the movement?

Our panelists, drawn from across the spectrum of this burgeoning field, tackle the tough questions and respond to yours, as we all try to make and be the difference we want to see.

Images: The Opposition (2016)

12:00-13:00 Tuesday 7 March, Studio 1


Rebecca Barry (Media Stockade)

Patricia Aufderheide (Centre for Media & Social Impact)

Tim Norton (Save the Children Australia)

Moderator & Session Producer

Alex Kelly (Echotango)

Session Podcast