Immersed in the Story

Virtual Reality and the Art of Narrative
VR Plus

With so much talk about new technologies, the latest gear and the best apps, a key aspect of Virtual Reality is too-often ignored – the importance of story. As with any good documentary, understanding the art of creating an engaging narrative will help set your VR experience apart. 

In this session for AIDC 2017's VR Plus day, internationally-recognised documentary VR creators Navid Khonsari (iNK Stories), Lynette Wallworth (Collisions) and Oscar Raby (VRTOV) speak about the essential role story plays in developing an experience. 

In an open and inspiring discussion, these trailblazers will reveal unique tips and tricks for good storytelling in VR, exploring how their own relationship to subject and story is enhanced by the technology – and not the other way around.

14:30-16:00 Sunday 5 March, Cinema 1, ACMI


Navid Khonsari (iNK Stories)

Lynette Wallworth (Collisions)

Oscar Raby (VRTOV)


Christy Dena (Universe Creation 101)

Collisions Trailer

Pic Credit: "Nyarri Reclining", Collisions, by Piers Mussared