AIDC 2020 Cut to the Chase Application Form

Cut to The Chase is AIDC’s curated marketplace, matching producers and Decision Makers for optimum outcomes with no time­-wasting.


Submitting your project is easy and free for anyone with an All Access Pass, and all projects will be immediately in consideration for short curated meetings with local and international decision makers attending AIDC.

Submissions for Cut to the Chase close Wednesday 5 February at 11:59PM (AEDT).

You must have purchased an All Access or Gold Pass to submit your pitch.

Production companies may submit up to two (2) projects for consideration.

Unfortunately, once you have submitted a project, you cannot make any changes!  If changes are necessary, you will need to complete the submission again and inform AIDC that one of the entries is void by emailing [email protected]

If your project has been selected for Cut to the Chase meetings, AIDC will contact you no later than a week before the event confirming your meeting schedule. Please note that due to high demand for Decision Makers, meetings cannot be guaranteed. However, pass holders will still be able to make meetings during AIDC through the conference app.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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  • Outline your outreach and strategy (300-500 words)
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  • Financial Information

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      Please upload your most current “Finance Plan” including any financial support you have secured, have requested, or are seeking.You may use the AIDC Finance Plan Template, your own finance plan template, or the Screen Australia Documentary Finance Plan.
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      • Decision Makers at AIDC

      • We cannot guarantee these meetings. A current list of Decision Makers is available on the AIDC website.
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      • Terms & Conditions

      • In submitting this application, the applicant agrees to be bound by the rules and terms and conditions as set out by the Australian International Documentary Conference.

        Applications received after the closing date of February 5, 2020 are at risk of not being considered for meetings.

        Applicants must have already purchased an All Access or Gold pass registration prior to submitting their pitch. All pitch-team members representing the project will also need to be accredited with a Gold or All Access Pass.

        The applicant acknowledges that whilst every endeavour will be taken to create a meaningful meetings for the applicant’s project, AIDC cannot guarantee that the project will be successful in attracting interested Decision Makers.

        The timing and scheduling of meetings is at AIDC’s discretion.

        By submitting your application to Cut to the Chase, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete. AIDC reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants.

        AIDC shall use its best endeavours to treat all submissions confidentially however projects will be made available in the Cut to the Chase catalogue and to interested Decision Makers.

        Submitted projects will be made available in AIDC's project catalogue.

        There is a chance that a number of ideas submitted as part of Cut to the Chase – including the applicant’s – may contain subject matter, themes, activity, characters and other material that is similar to other projects submitted to AIDC. The applicant acknowledges that AIDC is not liable in the event that the project submitted by the applicant is in any way similar to a project selected by AIDC for Cut to the Chase now or in the future.

        AIDC reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time and without notification.

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