Canadian Co-Production Market Registration Form

Register your company to participate in AIDC’s curated international co-production marketplace with our Canadian delegation.

Presented by the Consulate General Canada in Sydney and Heritage Canada, the Canadian Co-Production Market is designed specifically with experienced producers and production companies in mind who have the capacity to engage in official and unofficial co-productions with Canada.

AIDC 2021 All Access Passholders can register their company’s interest in participating below, with a selected number of meetings made during AIDC’s online event for producers to meet with the Canadian delegation.

Companies must have registered with an All-Access Pass to register interest.

PLEASE NOTE: Meetings will be made according to this company profile so please fill it out as accurately as you can. Not all companies may be selected for the market, however, meetings can also be made with the Canadian delegation via AIDC’s online event platform from Monday 15 February.

Registrations for the Canadian Co-Production Market close Wednesday 17 February 2021.