• Axel ArnöSWE

    Axel Arnö

    Axel Arnö (SWE) Commissioning Editor

    At SVT’s documentary department Axel deals with international current affairs, special series and creative documentaries.

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  • Jo-anne McGowanAUS

    Jo-anne McGowan

    Jo-anne McGowan (AUS) Co-founder / Producer
    Stranger Than Fiction Films

    Jo-anne McGowan is an Emmy® nominated producer specialising in documentary across all genres, with a particular passion for the arts.

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  • Kate PappasAUS

    Kate Pappas

    Kate Pappas (AUS) Creative Producer
    Genepool Productions

    Kate is a hands-on Creative Producer who works regularly with Genepool Productions, WildBear Entertainment, Chemical Media and Renegade Films.

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  • Ben BraunUSA

    Ben Braun

    Ben Braun (USA) Director of Sales and Distribution

    Submarine is a hybrid sales, production and distribution company.

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  • Victoria NobleUK

    Victoria Noble

    Victoria Noble (UK) Senior Director & Executive Producer

    Victoria Noble is Senior Director and Executive Producer of Production and Development, Factual, for Discovery.

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  • John BrownUK

    John Brown

    John Brown (UK ) Cinematographer

    John Brown is a multi award winning documentary cameraman, director, and stills photographer based in Oxfordshire, UK.

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  • Sonya PembertonAUS

    Sonya Pemberton

    Sonya Pemberton (AUS) Creative Director
    Genepool Productions

    Sonya Pemberton is one of Australia’s leading factual filmmakers.

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  • Sandi TanUSA/SNG

    Sandi Tan

    Sandi Tan (USA/SNG ) Writer / Director / Producer

    Sandi Tan is the writer, director, producer and co-editor of the award-winning Netflix documentary Shirkers.

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  • Maya NewellAUS

    Maya Newell

    Maya Newell (AUS) Director

    Maya is a director with a strong focus on social justice.

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  • Caro Meldrum-HannaAUS

    Caro Meldrum-Hanna

    Caro Meldrum-Hanna (AUS) Reporter / Series Producer
    ABC TV

    Caro Meldrum-Hanna is an award winning investigative reporter with ABC TV.

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  • Jennifer PeedomAUS

    Jennifer Peedom

    Jennifer Peedom (AUS) Co-founder / Filmmaker
    Stranger Than Fiction Films

    Jen Peedom is a BAFTA nominated director, known for her gripping, intimate portraits of people in extreme circumstances.

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  • Tea UglowAUS

    Tea Uglow

    Tea Uglow (AUS) Creative Director
    Google Creative Lab

    Tea Uglow is a founding member of Google’s Creative Lab.

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  • Jess FuselierUSA

    Jess Fuselier

    Jess Fuselier (USA) Manager, Education & Research, Creative Distribution Initiative
    Sundance Institute

    Jess Fuselier is a community outreach, marketing and data specialist at the Sundance Institute, living in Los Angeles, California.

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  • Erkko LyytinenFIN

    Erkko Lyytinen

    Erkko Lyytinen (FIN) Commissioning Editor

    Erkko Lyytinen is a commissioning editor for Finnish public broadcaster YLE, focusing on co-productions of creative documentaries.

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  • Marie NelsonUSA

    Marie Nelson

    Marie Nelson (USA) Vice President, News & Independent Film

    Marie oversees the production and programming of national primetime series and specials at PBS.

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  • Ranell ShubertUSA

    Ranell Shubert

    Ranell Shubert (USA) Education Programs Manager
    International Documentary Association (IDA)

    Ranell provides essential programming and operational support for IDA’s educational and conference programming.

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  • Elliott WhittonUSA

    Elliott Whitton

    Elliott Whitton (USA) Head of Development

    Elliott Whitton works with the Cinereach productions team and filmmakers to develop content for the organisation to support, finance and produce.

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  • Eddie MartinAUS

    Eddie Martin

    Eddie Martin (AUS) Director

    Eddie Martin is the director of acclaimed documentaries Have You Seen the Listers?, Lionel, and the award-winning All This Mayhem.

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  • Gabrielle BradyAUS/GER

    Gabrielle Brady

    Gabrielle Brady (AUS/GER) Filmmaker

    Gabrielle Brady is an Australian filmmaker who currently resides part time in Berlin.

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  • Tom BrisleyUK

    Tom Brisley

    Tom Brisley (UK) Joint Creative Director & Co-Founder
    Arrow Media

    Tom Brisley thrives on pushing the boundaries of factual television.

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  • Lisa OpieUK

    Lisa Opie

    Lisa Opie (UK) Managing Director of Factual
    BBC Studios

    Lisa Opie is the Managing Director of Factual for BBC Studios, the BBC’s commercial TV production arm that creates many of the UK's most successful shows.

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  • Alan HicksAUS / USA

    Alan Hicks

    Alan Hicks (AUS / USA) Independent Filmmaker

    Al Hicks is an Australian Independent Filmmaker well known for his films Quincy and Keep On Keepin' On.

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  • Lisa JacksonCAN

    Lisa Jackson

    Lisa Jackson (CAN) Independent Filmmaker / Creator

    Lisa Jackson is an immersive muti-media content creator exploring issues of First People identify and language through her work.

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  • Kylie BoltinAUS

    Kylie Boltin

    Kylie Boltin (AUS) Commissioning Editor Online Documentaries

    Kylie Boltin is a Walkley Award-winning producer and journalist, and currently the commissioning editor of online documentaries for SBS.

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  • Sarah ShawAUS

    Sarah Shaw

    Sarah Shaw (AUS) Producer

    Sarah Shaw is an Australian Producer known for films such as The Snowtown Murders, Sunshine and Have You Seen the Listers?

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  • Diane WeyermannUSA

    Diane Weyermann

    Diane Weyermann (USA) President of Documentary Film & Television
    Participant Media

    As president of documentary film and television, Diane is responsible for the documentary feature film and television slate of Participant Media.

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