Impact Strategy Hack

The 2018 AIDC/DAF Impact Strategy Hack

Develop Your Campaign with Impact Experts

In 2018, the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) will host its third Impact Strategy Hack, presented by the Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF).

Uniting a dream team of Impact Strategy experts, the Strategy Hack is a unique event aimed at developing a solid strategy for a documentary release campaign – with a focus on maximising impact and inspiring social change.

“The Impact Strategy Hack really helped us to understand the landscape of how to run an impact strategy and it introduced us and our film Defiant Lives to some key players who we have subsequently worked with the bring the film to audiences.” - Sarah Barton, Director, Writer & Co-Producer of Defiant Lives (2017)

"The Impact Strategy Hack was invaluable to help us clarify our objectives and workshop the (impact) approach, and led to many great introductions which are still paying off now." - Stephanie King, Writer, Kimberley Project (2018)

How It Works

One documentary film project will be selected to be "hacked" at AIDC 2018, which takes place 4-7 March at ACMI, Melbourne.

The successful film’s team will engage in a live workshop with experts in the impact field to craft their campaign, with an audience of AIDC delegates in attendance.

This rigorous session is designed to provide all in attendance a number of takeaways essential to developing a successful impact campaign. These include:

  • Providing a clearer understanding and definition of strategy development and campaign design;
  • Offering insight into how to fundraise;
  • Demonstrating effective methods for developing long-lasting partner relationships;
  • Demystifying the numerous distribution and marketing platforms that are available;
  • Providing tools for developing meaningful and effective impact assessment;
  • Giving filmmakers and impact producers an idea of major players in the space.


In 2018, the Strategy Hack will be open to entrants with a project that:

  • is a long form documentary;
  • has a clear impact goal;
  • has a trailer or key segment of the film for viewing. The film can be in any stage of production, although preference will be given to films that haven’t been released.
  • is approved by the Documentary Australia Foundation – see below

If your film is selected for the Strategy Hack, you will need to:

  • be available to attend AIDC, 4-7 March, 2018 (at own cost). Date of Strategy Hack session will be announced in early 2018.
  • purchase an All Access pass at a discount rate ($726 inc. GST, registration opens 8 November 2017), OR a Day Pass.

How Do I Enter My Submission?

Submitting to the Strategy Hack is a two-step process:

STEP 1: If your film adheres to the selection criteria above, you will first need to submit your project to DAF via the Documentary Australia Foundation website at a cost of $165 (inc. GST). Your film will then become part of the DAF catalogue, making the project eligible for philanthropic funding until the film reaches completion. Films already on DAF are exempt from this step.

The deadline for DAF submission is 7 November 2017.

STEP 2: Fill in the 2018 AIDC/DAF Strategy Hack online submission form.

Please note: If you did not submit to DAF by 7 November 2017, or do not already have a project on their website, please email ASAP, to discuss your eligibility, BEFORE submitting this application. 


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