DAF impact strategy hack

The 2017 DAF Impact Strategy Hack

Building You A Better Campaign

In 2017, the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) will host its second Impact Strategy Hack, proudly presented by Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF).

The Strategy Hack is a unique event aimed at providing documentary film teams with a pathway to a solid impact campaign strategy. Bringing together a dream team of expert international advisors, the focus is on maximising impact and inspiring social change. 

How It Works

Two documentary film projects are selected to be ‘hacked’ at AIDC 2017, which takes place March 5-8. Each film will work with experts in the field to craft their impact campaign in a live session with an audience of AIDC delegates in attendance.

The afternoon is designed to provide all in attendance a number of takeaways essential to developing a successful impact campaign. These include:

  • Providing a clearer understanding and definition of strategy development and campaign design;
  • Offering insight into how to fundraise;
  • Demonstrating effective methods for developing long-lasting partner relationships;
  • Demystifying the numerous distribution and marketing platforms that are available;
  • Providing tools for developing meaningful and effective impact assessment;
  • Giving filmmakers and impact producers an idea of major players in the space.

2017 Projects

Relating to the chosen 2017 themes of ‘Race & Reconciliation’ and ‘Environment & Sustainability’, the two documentaries are Kimberley Project and Cultivating Murder


Kimberley Project investigates the threats to remote Aboriginal communities in the face of an unprecedented land grab. As mining and big agriculture drive into the Kimberley, will Traditional Owners have a hand in shaping their futures, or will Aboriginal people lose their homelands once again?

Director Nicholas Wrathall is an award-winning director and producer known for his acclaimed documentaries Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia (Tribeca, IFC Films), Abandoned: The Betrayal of America’s Immigrants, and his short documentaries Endless Caravan, Haitian Eksperyans , and The Modern Gulag . Writer Stephanie King is best known for the critically-acclaimed feature Observance (London Film Festival, Umbrella/Shoreline Entertainment) and other documentary projects such as Toothmob (Charlie Perkins Trust and Aurora Foundation) and the KALACC festival. Steve Kinnane is also a producer.


Cultivating Murder is a film about land clearing, global warming and cold blooded murder. On the 29 th of July 2014, Glen Turner, a compliance officer with the Office of Environment and Heritage, was shot three times and died on the side of an isolated public road 40kms from the rural town of Moree by one of the wealthiest farmers in the state.

Producer/director Gregory Miller's recent credits include Breaker Morant: The Retrial (History Channel); Cool School Antarctica (NHK, Nickelodeon); and Memories of the Struggle, multi-screen videos for The Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra. Georgia Wallace-Crabbe has a host of credits as co-creator/writer/director/producer across a long list of documentary projects including The Earth and the Elements (UNSW Galleries), Memories of the Struggle, These Heathen Dreams and New Beijing: Reinventing a City amongst others. Additional producers include John Moore, Sensible Films and Lisa Horler, Sensible Films.